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ACTS: God of the Possible

In ACTS 12, the power of God is displayed in impossible situations. We usually use the word “impossible” to describe situations that appear to have limited solutions. But sometimes we encounter a truly impossible situation where there are no human solutions, no easy answers. Whether global politics, racial conflicts, or personal problems - all things are possible with God.

It is in our seemingly impossible situations that God’s power is demonstrated best for our good and His glory.

sermon by: Larry Murray
date: 08.13.2017

ACTS: The Gospel for ALL People

Since life is short, death is certain, and eternity is forever, the most important question in life for the sake of eternity is, “How can I be saved?”

As we walk through the book of ACTS, up till chapter 9, the apostles believed that to be right with God, a pagan Gentile had to become a practicing Jew in the sense of obeying the Jewish laws regarding circumcision, diet, and other ceremonial issues. The thought of a Gentile getting saved without first becoming a Jew was completely foreign to them. In ACTS 10-11, however, God made it clear to Peter that everyone who believes Jesus Christ died as their death substitute and was resurrected receives God’s free gift of salvation. The Gospel is for ALL people regardless of ethnic race, national identity, or personal morality.

sermon by: Larry Murray
date: 08.06.2017

ACTS: The Church God Blesses

When we look at the people of the early church in the book of ACTS. We see how God allows challenges and changes of life as great opportunities to trust and obey him. We see how God blessed their lives as they allowed God’s Spirit to control them.

In Acts 9:31-43, we see Peter serving the Lord, not in a public gathering of thousands, but in a private, personal setting - ministering to the needs of just two people. And we see God blessing him, using him for his willingness to serve in changing circumstances when he was needed, where he was needed, and to those who needed him at the moment.

sermon by: Larry Murray
date: 07.23.2017

ACTS: The Conversion of Saul

For decades, a well-documented phenomenon has been occurring in the Muslim world—men and women who, without knowledge of the Gospel, or contact among Christians in their community, have experienced dreams and visions of Jesus Christ. Books like “Seeking Allah, finding Jesus” by Babeel Qureshi, “Dreams and Visions” by Tom Doyle, and “A Wind in the House of Islam” by David Garrison share specific stories of real people who have had dreams and visions of Jesus.

When Saul had a vision the resurrected Jesus on the road to Damascus (Acts 9), his life was changed forever. God transforms us by His mercy and grace to transform the lives of others for His eternal purposes.

sermon by: Larry Murray
date: 07.16.2017

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