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ACTS: Personal Conflict in the Church

It has been said that “church fights are the worst fights,” perhaps because they break out among people who profess to believe in unity and love. You name it, Christians fight over it. Sometimes the disagreements are over trivial matters, but often they are serious conflicts from different viewpoints.

In Acts 15:36-41, we have a real example of a personal conflict between Paul and Barnabas regarding John Mark. From their sharp disagreement, we can learn how to preserve unity and resolve conflicts when they come up. We need God’s Spirit to HEAL our relationships.

We can talk about God’s grace, sing about His love, preach the Gospel, and share its message, but it’s in resolving conflict that we prove its worth and work.

sermon by: Larry Murray
date: 09.17.2017

ACTS: Church Leadership Meeting

Have you ever disagreed with someone? Of course! All of us have. Throughout the history of people there have been major disagreements. Friendships lost. Marriages ended. Wars have been fought.

When it comes to disagreements, the church is not exempt. Over the years, there have been some huge fights over doctrine, creation, music and worship, sanctification, and the list goes on and on and on. When the early church had its first major disagreement (ACTS 15:1-5), by the grace of God, agreement was reached quickly, providing unity and a basis on which to take the Good News of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

How was this dispute and disagreement about such a significant issue as salvation and grace settled? Through a discussion of leaders and a decision by the Holy Spirit (Acts 15:28). The Holy Spirit works in the (corporate) church through the good intentions of godly, but imperfect men to determine God’s will and deliver His word.

sermon by: Larry Murray
date: 09.10.2017

ACTS: The Gospel that Divides

We see this in ACTS 13-14. Everywhere that Paul and Barnabas went they were surrounded by opposition to the Gospel. In just two chapters, in three different locations we see the same reaction to the Gospel, many believe it and some oppose it. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is Good News that divides.

As believers in Christ, there are times when we’re going to feel surrounded on all sides. Opposed by family, friends, neighbors, teachers, politicians, media. As Christ’s ambassadors, we have been dropped in the middle of a lost world like paratroopers. We're supposed to be surrounded. So, like the early church in the book of ACTS, let’s keep sharing the Gospel (Acts 14:7).

sermon by: Larry Murray
date: 09.03.2017

ACTS: The Mission(s) of the Church

By the Holy Spirit’s leading, God sends His ambassadors into the world to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. We discover in ACTS 13:1-3 that the Lord establishes missions in the church, the Holy Spirit empowers missions through the church, and the church engages in missions around the world.

Missions is people sending people to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus. That’s our mission.

sermon by: Larry Murray
date: 08.27.2017

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