Mentoring in Local Schools

PlanoBibleChapel is partnering with other local churches to provide Role Models and Mentors to our neighborhood elementary school children (Dooley, Forman, Meadows, Memorial, and Mendenhall). We also have mentors serving at Armstrong Middle School and McMillen High School. More and more children in our community are in need of a positive example of a loving adult who cares for them enough to be a friend and a help with academics, relationships, and their worldview.

The focus for mentors is more of the buddy/role model than academic tutor.  Of course, academics may come up naturally, but we'd mainly like you to focus on the relationship with the child.  Doing something special like having a guest for lunch/breakfast once a week and doing some fun activities will make their time with you even more fantastic! Mentors select a lunch or breakfast time to be with their child.  This should take care of the working parents that want to mentor first thing in the morning.  The Breakfast Buddy would spend their time with their child as early as 7:15, Lunch Buddies would come during the child's lunch period, and are welcome to stay for the 30 minute lunch period and the additional recess time if they'd like a full hour.

Please contact Larry Murray (972.423.5321) for more info about stepping up as a Role Model to a child who needs a friend and a godly example of a believer in Christ. He will get you connected with the local coordinator for each elementary, middle, or high school.