FAQs for AWANA Clubs During COVID-19

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the start of AWANA Clubs for Fall 2020

When will we meet in person?

ALL CLUBS (Cubbies, Sparks, and T&T) will resume meeting in person on campus approximately one month after Plano ISD students return to the classroom. We will continue to pray and evaluate what’s best for the safety and health of children, leaders, and families.  We can’t wait to see you!

Do I need to register?

YES! Please register here for each child in AWANA Club. A separate registration for AWANA Club uniforms is open if your child needs a uniform or updated size.

How can I get my child’s handbook?

We will have a drive thru at Plano Bible Chapel on Wednesday, September 9, from 6:30-7:30pm.  You will receive your child’s handbook as well as “Awana in a Box” (resource kit). The leaders will be there to wave to your children and encourage them. If you are unable to attend the drive thru, we can deliver the books and resources to your house. Please register.

Can clubbers begin working on their handbooks before club meets in person?

Clubbers can begin saying their handbook sections on September 9.  They can recite their verses to their parents or to Awana leaders on Sunday morning following the church service.

What are the requirements for reciting sections?

The clubber needs to recite all the verses in the section at one sitting.  The reference(s) for the verses should also be recited.  The clubber should also answer any questions that are in the section.  Only two “helps” are allowed per section.  A help is any sort of assistance that you give a clubber; a help should not include more than 3-4 words.

Does my child need to read the story before reciting a section?

The Clubber should read or listen to the story in each section before reciting the verses.  If you prefer to listen to an audio version, it can be found for Sparks Club at https://www.awana.org/leadershipdevelopment/resources

How do I turn in completed sections?

If the clubber recites the section to his/her parent, the parent will sign the completed section and take a picture of the page.  The picture can then be emailed to pbc@planobiblechapel.org so that the completed section is recorded.

Truth & Training clubbers should say the verses and review verses to complete each section.  If they complete the “start here” and “explore” portions that earns them extra credit.  (be sure to also take a picture of those pages). The silver and gold should be completed after the clubber has completed the book. The silver and gold sections will earn additional awards.

How do I know which handbook my child needs?

If your child is new to Sparks they will be doing the Start Zone first and then the Hang Glider book. If your child is remaining in Sparks and they did not finish their handbook last year, then they will continue in the same book. The second book is Wing Runner and the third book is Storm Chaser.  We will give you the handbook that matches your child’s records from last year.

If your child is in Truth & Training, everyone will be doing the Start Zone first and then the Grace in Action book.

How do I get a uniform for my child?

Uniforms may be purchased online at AWANA Club Uniforms.  If uniforms are purchased ahead of time, they may be picked up at the drive thru.  Otherwise you may email pbc@planobiblechapel.org to request a Sunday morning pick up.

How does my child get his/her awards?

Awards will be periodically mailed to clubbers until we are able to meet together in person.

Have more questions? 

Please join a Leader/Parent Q/A Zoom meeting on Wednesday, September 2 at 6:30pm or email pbc@planobiblechapel.org 

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