Are you pregnant and considering an abortion? Real Options for Women has services that protect your life and health. Their services will help you make your decision about abortion or continuing your pregnancy. Advice is given respectfully and compassionately. Here is what they offer you:

  • Pregnancy symptoms and tests
  • Medical confirmation of pregnancy
  • Pregnancy advice
  • Abortion procedure information
  • STI screening

They respect your right to choose and your right to privacy. All information will be held in confidence to the extent allowed by law. Real Options for Women believes that all women should have access to pregnancy related services regardless of ability to pay. All services are offered without charge. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and have questions you would like answered, please call Real Options for Women at 972.424.0767. To talk to someone about issues from a past abortion, please call 972.335.2353; a confidential and private phone line.


Sunday Service Times

11:00 am
Communion Worship Service in English (Auditorium)

Servicio de Adoración en Español
11:00 am (Student Ministry Building)