Sunday School in a Sack

As a “hands on” resource for Virtual Sunday school classes during COVID-19, we have “Sunday school in a Sack” bags available for each child. Please pick up your sack this week during PBC office hours (9-4pm) or Sunday morning before or after the worship services.

In each sack you will find 12 large baggies that are numbered to correspond to the current Cereal Series lessons each week.

Each baggie contains:
– A coloring page for younger kids
– A worksheet for older kids
– A craft the goes along with each week’s lesson

Two additional baggies are included in your sack they contain:

  1. A memory verse craft for the Cereal series
  2. A Thanksgiving craft specifically for Sunday, November 22

A worksheet for your older kids to fill out during the 11:00 worship service has also been included (also available for download).  You will need to make copies of it each week.

As we restart Children’s Church during the 11:00am Worship Services on Sunday, October 18, please have your child or children bring their “Sunday in a Sack” bag with their name on it to use during the morning service each week.