Rights and Responsibilities

by Jeff Edmunds | Authentic Christianity


The story of Jim Elliot is an exceptional one that I’m sure many of you have heard. He was born in 1927 into a Christian home and placed his faith in Christ at 6 years old.  Growing up, Jim’s focus was to live for Christ.  After graduating from Wheaton College in 1949 he began working with a missionary from Ecuador. This gave him the passion for foreign missions and in 1952 he went to Ecuador at the age of 24 and began evangelizing the Quechua Indians.  While working with Quechua Indians, Elliot began preparing to reach the Huaorani or Auca people which was a people group that had never heard the gospel.  On Jan 8, 1956, Jim and 4 other missionaries were attacked and killed in one of their attempts to reach out to the Aucas.  Jim was 28 years old.

Jim Elliot was willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of the Gospel. In today’s sermon passage (1 Corinthians 9:1-27), we are going to see that this is exactly the kind of mindset Paul is calling all believers to follow. PBC Elder Jeff Edmunds leads us through a discussion of Paul’s example and encouragement to give up our personal rights for the sake of the Gospel and take up our responsibility to win others to Christ.

sermon by: Jeff Edmunds
date: 09.06.2020