At the conclusion of every movie, the scene fades to black. What follows is a list of credits to all the people behind the scenes who made the film. Nobody really pays attention to the credits, do they? Besides the superstar actors, it’s just a bunch of names of people we don’t know.

The book of Ruth ends the same way – with a list of names. It concludes with, of all things, a genealogy. A list of descendants. Yawn. But these last 4 verses should be read carefully. We discover that there is no better way for the Book of Ruth to end than to draw our attention to God’s ultimate purpose in His overall plan redemption—the person of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. (Ruth 4:18-22). The final credits to the book of Ruth are really the cliffhanging introduction to the birth of Jesus Christ in Matthew. What we discover at the end of Ruth that God is a faithful, covenant-keeping God, who redeems His people through His eternal Son, Jesus Christ.

sermon by: Larry Murray
date: 03.21.2021
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