Sexual Identity

by Tom Constable | Authentic Christianity

One of the many controversies of our day is that of sexual identity. Many of us have friends or relatives who have become dissatisfied with their identity as males or females and have decided to make a change. Some of these have said that they feel sexually attracted to members of their own sex more than to members of the opposite sex. Others have said that they have always felt “uncomfortable in their skin,” meaning that they feel like a woman in a man’s body, or like a man in a woman’s body. Others have gone so far in rejecting their gender as to have a sex change operation. Still others, not wanting to go that far, just dress like members of the opposite sex, because they identify with that sex more than with their own. And still others are ambivalent: They want to be men sometimes and women sometimes. Recently I heard someone say that he had discovered his “authentic self”—meaning his true identity as a woman. All of these problems involve one’s sexual identity. What sex am I really? Do I want to live like a man or like a woman? These are questions that many people in our day are struggling with.

The Bible addresses this issue for not only the Corinthians in their culture, but for us in our American culture today. God wants people to function as He has made them, male and female, because He has a plan that is good for each life. Tom Constable continues our series, “Authentic Christianity” from 1 Corinthians 11:2-16. 

sermon by: Tom Constable
date: 09.27.2020