AWANA Clubs Parent Information

Thank you for registering your child for AWANA Clubs at Plano Bible Chapel. We are excited and thankful to have your child attend our AWANA Clubs on Wednesday nights.

AWANA Clubs are:

  • Cubbies: 3-5 Year Olds (by September 1)
  • Sparks: Kindergarten – 2nd grade boys and girls
  • Truth & Training (T&T): 3rd-5th grade boys and girls

All clubs and programs meet weekly on Wednesday evenings, 6:30 – 8:00pm.  Our AWANA Clubs are part of thousands of AWANA Clubs in churches around the world.  These church-based, community clubs are open to all children attending from many different faiths and churches.  While your child is not required to attend the functions of our church, all of our church services and opportunities are available to your family.

An AWANA Club meeting consists of three parts: games, Bible memory verses and a Bible story time. You can help your children succeed in AWANA by helping them to learn sections in their handbooks before coming to club on Wednesday night.  Each section may consist of a few phrases in bold text and one or more Bible verses.

AWANA Handbook Section Completion
  1. For scripture memory the reference must be memorized.  It is a part of the requirement for each section.
  2. Only two helps are allowed per section. Examples of a help are a part of a reference, or a phrase up to 3 words.
  3. There is a section requiring that a visitor be brought to club.  We understand that it not always possible to get someone to visit and we understand this. If the clubber is unable to find someone to attend with them we ask that you just write down the names of 3 people who were invited.

After completing the beginner booklet, your child is eligible to purchase an AWANA Club uniform.

  • Cubbies (3-4 year olds) wear a blue vest, cost $13;
  • Sparks (K-2) wear red vests, which cost $13.00.
  • Truth & Training clubbers (grades 3 – 5) wear a reen T&T t- shirt, which costs $18.00.

Also available for purchase is a handbook bag, which costs $8.00 for Cubbies and Sparks and $10 for T&T.  If a child loses his/her handbook, the replacement cost is $12.00. You may purchase uniforms, bags, or replacement books online or in person on Wednesday nights. If financial assistance is needed, please see Gerry Jackson at the AWANA Club check-in desk on Wednesday nights.

At the end of each semester (Fall and Spring), we have an AWANA store where clubbers can use their AWANA Bucks earned by wearing their uniform, completing sections, and more. At the end of the year (Spring), we’ll have an AWANA Awards night to recognize each child for their character and completed books.

Safety and Security

All adult volunteers must complete a third-party background check and child safety training every two years. We have clear Children’s Ministry security policies in place for the protection of your child and our volunteers.

  1. All clubbers must wear AWANA uniforms and/or other (e.g. name tag) AWANA club identification during the entire club. At times, PBC will have other groups of children participating in other church events.  The AWANA leaders are ONLY responsible for the AWANA clubbers and their guests, and will use this identification to manage the group.
  2. Parents and/or legal guardians are responsible for ensuring that clubbers and guests are properly checked-in with an AWANA leader.  All clubbers will check-in inside the PBC Commons beginning at 6:20pm.  Parents and/or legal guardians should accompany clubbers and guests to the check-in desk to receive a security check-out label. Use the Church Center app for Plano Bible Chapel for pre-check-in, but you must still accompany clubbers to the check-in desk to receive a check-out label. Dropping clubbers off at the playground or door does not constitute a proper check-in.
  3. Club officially begins at 6:30pm and remains in session until 8:00pm. Clubbers and guests will be supervised at all times. They may not roam the halls or any part of the PBC campus without leader supervision. If a clubber needs to be excused during a session, a leader must accompany him or her.
  4. Club will close promptly at 8:00pm. Clubbers and guests will need to be checked out by a parent or legal guardian from the Auditorium using the security check-out label.

Contact Information

For specific questions, please contact the PBC office or Anne Hensarling, AWANA Clubs Director, at 972-390-7665.

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