Dr. Constable’s Audio Lessons on the Book of Acts

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Overview of Acts
Acts 1:1-8, Preface to the Book; Command to Witness
Acts 1:9-26, The Ascention of Jesus; Appointment of Twelfth Apostle
Acts 2:1-21, The Birth of the Church
Acts 2:22-41, Peter’s Message to the Jews
Acts 2:42-47, The Early State of the Church
Acts 3:1-26, Healing of the Lame Man; Peter’s Sermon on Repentance
Acts 4:1-22, Peter’s Address to the Sanhedrin
Acts 4:23-37, A Prayer for Boldness
Acts 5:1-11, Ananias and Sapphira Lie to the Holy Spirit
Acts 5:12-42, Intensified External Opposition
Acts 6:1-15, Stephen’s Accusation
Acts 7:1-53, Stephen’s Address
Acts 7:54-60; 8:1-25, Stephen’s Death; Evangelization of Samaria
Acts 8:26-40, Philip’s Ministry to the Ethiopian Eunuch
Acts 9:1-31, The Conversion of Saul
Acts 9:32-43, Peter’s Ministry in Lydda and Joppa
Acts 10:1-33, Peter’s Vision
Acts 10:34-48, The Conversion of Cornelius
Acts 11-12, These recordings are lost
Acts 13:1-13, The Mission to Cyprus
Acts 13:14-52, The Mission to Antioch in Pisidia
Acts 14:1-19, The Mission to Iconium and Lystra
Acts 14:20-28, Paul and Barnabas’ Return to Antioch of Syria
Acts 15:1-21, The Jerusalem Council (partial recording)
Acts 15:22-41, Strengthening of the Gentile Churches
Acts 16:1-10, The Call to Macedonia
Acts 16:11-40, The Ministry in Macedonia, Part 1
Acts 16:35-40; 17:1-15, The Ministry in Macedonia, Part 2
Acts 17:16-34, The Ministry in Achaia, Part 1
Acts 18:1-17, The Ministry in Achaia, Part 2
Acts 18:18-28, Ministry in Asia
Acts 19:1-20, Paul at Ephesus
Acts 19:21-41, The Riot at Ephesus
Acts 20:1-16, Paul’s Ministry in Greece
Acts 20:17-38, Paul’s Ministry in Jerusalem, Part 1
Acts 21:1-36, Paul’s Ministry in Jerusalem, Part 2
Acts 21:37-40; 22:1-30, Paul’s Ministry in Jerusalem, Part 3
Acts 23:11, God’s Encouragement to the Depressed (partial recording)
Acts 23:31-35; 24:1-27, Ministry in Caesarea, Part 1
Acts 25:1-27, Ministry in Caesarea, Part 2
Acts 26:1-32, Ministry in Caesarea, Part 3
Acts 27:1-44, Ministry on the Way to Rome
Acts 28:1-31, Ministry in Rome