Dr. Constable’s Audio Lessons on the Book of Exodus

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Exodus 1, The Growth of Jacob’s Family and the Israelites’ Bondage in Egypt
Exodus 2, The Preparation of Moses
Exodus 3, God’s Call of Moses
Exodus 4, Moses’ Objective & Response To God’s Call
Exodus 5, Pharaoh’s Response to Moses and Aaron’s Initial Request
Exodus 6, Moses and Aaron’s Equipment as God’s Messengers
Exodus 7, Moses and Aaron’s Divine Mission
Exodus 8, Plagues of Frogs and Insects
Exodus 9, Plagues of Pestilence, Boils, and Hail
Exodus 10, Plague of Locusts, Three Days of Darkness
Exodus 11, The Last Plague
Exodus 12, The Passover
Exodus 13, The Journey from Succoth to Etham
Exodus 14, Israel’s Passage through the Red Sea
Exodus 15, Israel’s Song of Deliverance
Exodus 16, Quails and Manna in the Wilderness
Exodus 17, Lack of Water at Rephidim; the Hostility of the Amalekites
Exodus 18, The Friendliness of Jethro the Midianite
Exodus 19, Preparation for the Covenant
Exodus 20a, Overview of the Ten Commandments
Exodus 20b, The Ten Commandments
Exodus 20c to 21a, The Mosaic Covenant
Exodus 21b, The Mosaic Covenant (continued)
Exodus 22 to 23, The Mosaic Covenant (continued)
Exodus 24, Directions Regarding God’s Dwelling Among His People
Exodus 25, Contributions for the Construction of the Sanctuary
Exodus 26, The Tabernacle Structure
Exodus 27 to 28, Directions Regarding the Priesthood
Exodus 29, Consecration of the Priests
Exodus 30a, Service of the Priests
Exodus 30b, Service of the Priests (continued)
Exodus 31, The Builders of the Tabernacle and the Sign of the Sabbath
Exodus 32a, The Failure of Israel (first 10 minutes were not recorded)
Exodus 32b, Moses Intercedes
Exodus 33, The Re-establishment of Fellowship
Exodus 34, The Renewal of the Covenant
Exodus 35 to 40, The Construction and Dedication of the Objects used in Israel’s Worship