Dr. Constable’s Audio Lessons on the Book of Genesis

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An Overview of the Book of Genesis
Genesis 1, The Story of Creation
Genesis 2, The Beginning of Man and Woman
Genesis 3, The Fall of Man
Genesis 4 and 5, The Family of Adam and Eve
Genesis 6, The History of Man
Genesis 7 and 8, The Flood
Genesis 9, Noah and the Events After the Flood
Genesis 10 and 11, The Tower of Babel
Genesis 11:10-32, The Beginning of the Hebrew Nation
Genesis 12, Abram in Egypt
Genesis 13, Abram’s Separation from Lot
Genesis 14, Abram’s Military Victory
Genesis 15, The Abrahamic Covenant
Genesis 16, The Birth of Ishmael
Genesis 17, The Sign of Circumcision
Genesis 18, Yahweh’s Visit to Abraham
Genesis 19, The Destruction of Sodom
Genesis 20, Abraham’s Sojourn at Gerar
Genesis 21, The Birth of Isaac
Genesis 22, The Sacrifice of Isaac
Genesis 23, The Purchase of Sarah’s Tomb
Genesis 24, The Choice of a Bride for Isaac
Genesis 25, Abraham’s Death
Genesis 26, Isaac and Abimelech
Genesis 27 was not recorded
Genesis 28, Jacob’s Vision at Bethel
Genesis 29, Jacob’s Marriages and Laban’s Deception
Genesis 29:31-30:43, Jacob’s Mishandling of God’s Blessings
Genesis 30, Jacob’s New Contract with Laban
Genesis 31, Jacob’s Flight from Haran
Genesis 32, Jacob’s Attempt to Appease Esau
Genesis 33, Jacob’s Reunion with Esau
Genesis 34, Sin of Jacob’s Sons
Genesis 35, Jacob’s Return to Bethel
Genesis 36, Death of Isaac and Esau’s Descendants
Genesis 37, Joseph’s Dream
Genesis 38, Judah and Tamar
Genesis 39, Joseph in Potiphar’s House
Genesis 40, The Prisoner’s Dreams and Joseph’s Interpretations
Genesis 41, Pharoah’s Dream and Joseph’s Interpretation
Genesis 42, Joseph’s Brothers’ First Journey into Egypt
Genesis 43, Joseph’s Brothers’ Second Journey into Egypt
Genesis 44, Joseph’s Last Test and Its Results
Genesis 45, Joseph’s Reconciliation with His Brothers
Genesis 46, Israel’s Move to Egypt
Genesis 47, Joseph’s Wise Leadership
Genesis 48, Jacob’s Worship in Egypt
Genesis 49, Jacob’s Blessing of His Son
Genesis 50, Deaths and a Promise Yet to be Fulfilled