Dr. Constable’s Audio Lessons on the Book of John

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John 1:1-18, Prologue
John 1:19-51, The Prelude to Jesus’ Public Ministry
John 2:1-25, The Beginning of Jesus’ Public Ministry
John 3:1-21, Jesus’ Conversation with Nicodemus
John 3:22-36, John the Baptist’s Reaction to Jesus’ Ministry
John 4:1-42, Jesus’ Ministry in Samaria
John 4:43-54, Jesus’ Resumption of His Galilean Ministry
John 5:1-29, Jesus’ Second Visit to Jerusalem
John 5:30-47, The Father’s Witness to the Son
John 6:1-21, The Feeding of the 5000; Walking on the Water
John 6:22-59, The Bread of Life Discourse
John 6:60—7:1-9, The Responses to the Bread of Life Discourse
John 7:10-52, The Controversy Surrounding Jesus
John 7:53—8:1-11, The Woman Caught in Adultery
John 8:12-59, The Light of the World Discourse
John 9:1-41, The Healing of a Man Born Blind
John 10:1-21, The Good Shepherd Discourse
John 10:22-42, The Confrontation at the Feast of Dedication
John 11:1-44, The Raising of Lazarus
John 11:45-57, The Responses to the Raising of Lazarus
John 12:1-19, Mary’s Anointing of Jesus; Jesus’ Triumphal Entry
John 12:20-50, Jesus’ Announcement of His Death
John 13:1-20, Jesus’ Washing of the Disciples’ Feet
John 13:21-38, Jesus’ Announcement of His Betrayal
John 14:1-14, Jesus’ Comforting Revelation in View of His Departure
John 14:15-31, The Promise of Future Understanding
John 15:1-14, The Importance of Abiding in Jesus
John 15:15-27, The Warning about Opposition from the World
John 16:1-15, The Clarification of the Future
John 16:16-33, The Clarification of Jesus’ Destination
John 17:1-26, Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer
John 18:1-27, Jesus’ Religious Trial
John 18:28—19:16, Jesus’ Civil Trial
John 19:17-42, Jesus’ Crucifixion and Burial
John 20:1-31, Jesus’ Resurrection
John 21:1-25, Epilogue