Dr. Constable’s Audio Lessons on the Book of Mark

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Overview of Mark, Part 1
Overview of Mark, Part 2
Mark 1:1-13, Jesus’ Preparation for Ministry
Mark 1:14-34, The Beginning of Jesus’ Ministry (beginning of recording missing)
Mark 1:35-45, Jesus’ Early Ministry throughout Galilee
Mark 2:1-13, The Healing and Forgiveness of a Paralytic
Mark 2:14-18, The Call of Levi and his Feast
Mark 2:18-28, The Religious Leaders’ Question about Fasting
Mark 3:1-19 was not recorded
Mark 3:20-35, The Increasing Rejection of Jesus
Mark 4:1-20, Jesus’ Teaching in Parables
Mark 4:21-34, Jesus’ Teaching in Parables (continued)
Mark 4:35-41, The Demonstrations of Jesus’ Power
Mark 5:1-20 was not recorded
Mark 5:21-43, Jesus’ Miracles and Healing
Mark 6:1-13, Jesus Rejection by the Nazarenes
Mark 6:14-29, The Failure of Antipas to Understand Jesus’ Identity
Mark 6:30-56, The Feeding of the 5,000
Mark 7:1-23, The Controversy with the Pharisees and Scribes over Defilement
Mark 7:24-37, Jesus’ Teaching about Bread and the Exorcism of a Phoenician Girl
Mark 8:1-21, The Feeding of the 4,000
Mark 8:22-33, Peter’s Confession and the First Passion Prediction
Mark 8:34-38, Jesus’ Teaching on Discipleship
Mark 9:1-8, The Transfiguration of Jesus
Mark 9:9-13, The Coming of Elijah
Mark 9:14-29, The Exorcism of an Epileptic Boy (beginning of recording missing)
Mark 9:30-50, The Second Passion Prediction (poor audio)
Mark 10:1-12, Jesus’ Teaching on Divorce
Mark 10:13-31, Lessons Concerning Self-Sacrifice
Mark 10:32-44, The Third Passion Prediction
Mark 10:45-52, The Healing of a Blind Man near Jericho
Mark 11:1-11, The Triumphal Entry
Mark 11:12-26, Jesus’ Judgment on Unbelieving Israel
Mark 11:27 to 12:12, The Controversy over Jesus’ Authority
Mark 12:13-27, The Controversy over Jesus’ Teaching
Mark 12:28-44, The Greatest Commandment
Mark 13:1-23, Jesus’ Teaching on Mt. Olivet
Mark 13:24-37, The Second Coming of the Son of Man
Mark 14:1-11, The Anointing of Jesus
Mark 14:12-26, Passover and the Lord’s Supper
Mark 14:27-42, Jesus’ Anticipation of Suffering
Mark 14:43-65, The Betrayal of Jesus
Mark 14:66-72, Peter’s Denials
John 21:1-7, Peter’s Restoration
Mark 15:1-20, Jesus’ Trial before Pilate
Mark 15:21-41, The Crucifixion of Jesus
Mark 15:42 to 16:20, The Burial and Resurrection of Jesus