Dr. Constable’s Expository (Bible Study) Notes in Spanish

Dr. Constable’s Notes, authored by Dr. Thomas L. Constable, also known as Expository Notes to Dr. Constable’s seminary students at Dallas Theological Seminary, are intended to help you to better understand the Bible.

Simply click on a Bible book below and the notes will open in a new page.

Genesis • Exodus • Leviticus • Numbers • Deuteronomy
Joshua • Judges • Ruth
1 Samuel • 2 Samuel
1 Kings • 2 Kings
1 Chronicles • 2 Chronicles
Ezra • Nehemiah • Esther
Job • Psalms • Proverbios • Ecclesiastes • Cantares
Isaiah • Jeremiah • Lamentations • Ezekiel • Daniel
Hosea • Joel • Amos • Obadiah • Jonah • Micah
Nahum • Habakkuk • Zephaniah • Haggai • Zechariah • Malachi

Matthew • Mark • Luke • John
Acts • Romanos
1 Corinthians • 2 Corinthians
Galatians • Ephesians • Philippians • Colosenses
1 Tesalonicenses2 Tesalonicenses
1 Timothy • 2 Timothy
TitoFilemon • Hebrews • Santiago
1 Pedro2 Pedro
1 Juan2 Juan3 Juan
Judas • Revelation

Many of Dr. Constable’s Bible study classes, taught at Plano Bible Chapel, are available from this website. Click HERE to listen on-line.

Expository Notes Copyright Policy. Unauthorized translation, republishing, file duplication, website or email distribution of any portion of this copyrighted material in any form, without the express written consent of Dr. Thomas L. Constable, or his appointed representatives, is strictly forbidden. You may use these Bible study notes for your own personal study or for teaching a class. You may download a copy to your computer, print, or make paper photocopies for a class or Bible study group, but charge only the cost of copying. You may NOT make changes and then attribute the Notes to Dr. Constable.

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