Who are some of the GREAT people that you know or have known? Who has had the greatest impact on your life, your career, your faith? Some of you, this morning, might say your Dad is great! Great is an adjective of comparison. It’s a relative term (oftn people debate who’s the GOAT – quarterback, basketball, president, etc..). Great means large in size (Grand Canyon or El Capitan in Yosemite). Great means significant in influence (impression or pressure). Great has the idea of importance (the loudest voice in the room).

Who does Jesus say is GREAT? How does one become “great” in heaven? Who gets His endorsement, His recommendation, His approval? In His Sermon on the Mount, Jesus referred back to the revelation of God’s Word, the Old Testament, to identify greatness (Matthew 5:17–20)

How does one become “great” in heaven? Jesus taught His disciples that whoever “does and teaches” the commands of God’s Word will be called GREAT in the kingdom of heaven. Great disciples, great dads influence their families and change the world through godly character and conduct with faith in JESUS.

sermon by: Larry Murray
Father’s Day: 06.20.2021
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