This past week – in our nation and in our lives – has been another seemingly unprecedented week. I’m saddened by the polarizing words of politicians and sickened by the violent actions of protesters in our nation’s capital on Wednesday (January 6, 2021). I’m grieving for our nation and the lives of those forever changed. We’re also in the middle of a pandemic that has lasted longer than we imagined and caused more division than we ever dreamed. Many of us are wondering, how did it come to this? What’s next? The days feel dark and uncertain.

As the story of Ruth begins, we find a scene similar to ours today filled with political turmoil, personal trials, and painful tragedies (Ruth 1:1-5). The book of Ruth encourages God’s people to remain faithful to His Word and obedient to His Will to rejoice in His blessings. The book of Ruth encourages believers to find their hope in God in hopeless times.

sermon by: Larry Murray
date: 01.10.2021
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