Loving Your Enemies

by Larry Murray | Following JESUS to the Cross

In this world, we don’t have to go back any further in history than this week to see there is evil is this world and hatred of one’s enemies. Terrorism in New Zealand, a school shooting in Brazil, genocide in Nigeria. Here in the U.S., we have our own share of tragedies while battle lines are drawn along political, cultural, and economic lines with professing believers in Christ often on the front lines of these conflicts.

But in Luke 6:27, Jesus says clearly, “Love your enemies.  When it comes to living and loving as followers of JESUS, there are ZERO exceptions to His command to loving others. No religious exceptions, no sexuality exceptions, no ethnic exceptions, not economic exceptions, no political exceptions, no behavior exceptions, there isn’t even an ENEMY exception! Jesus assumes that His followers will have enemies. The love of JESUS compels us to selflessly love those who are the most ungrateful, undeserving, unlikeable, and even unlovable. He explains how to love our enemies in Luke 6:27-36.

sermon by: Larry Murray