The circumstances of how Jesus came to Earth as a baby in Bethlehem (Luke 2) help us as we wait patiently for His return as King (Revelation 19).

God often uses the insignificant actions of others, like Caesar Augustus, to bring about His purposes (Luke 2:1-3). He often uses the inconvenient circumstances of our lives, like Joseph and Mary traveling to Bethlehem, to align us with His plans (Luke 2:4-6). And He even uses the selfish intentions of others and social injustices of this world, like the crucifixion of Jesus, to prepare the way for His Kingdom (Luke 2:7; 18:31-33;19:36-38).

How we respond to the actions of others, the circumstances of life, and the issues of our day require trust in God’s character, plans, and power.


sermon by: Larry Murray