Turning Complaints to Thanks

by Larry Murray | Thanksgiving


This year, more than ever before, we have plenty of reasons for complaints. Coronavirus, cancelations, elections, inconveniences, changes, disappointments, loss, frustrations. It seems everything is harder this year whether you’re a teacher or a student, a doctor or a patient, a parent or a grandparent, a first responder or a volunteer. We’ve had to adapt to new technology like Zoom or Google Classroom. We’ve had to deal with social distancing and other COVID-19 protocols. We know that we should “rejoice always, pray continually, and give thanks in all circumstances,” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18), but sometimes it’s just difficult.

Psalm 106 reviews the Israelites’ history of complaints (and ours). When we thoughtfully consider who God is and what He’s done, we can turn our complaints into thanks!

sermon by: Larry Murray
date: 11.22.2020