Advent 2020 – Christmas Peace

In a world of conflict, chaos, and division, peace is something we long for and we desperately need. With the conflicts of COVID-19, the divisions of politics, and the factions within families, and the distress of our hearts, we hunger and thirst for peace. 

Peace, although a very common word in English, means different things to different people. People talk about peace treaties and times of peace. Most of the time, it means the absence of war. 

Peace is also a very important word in the Bible that refers not only to the absence of conflict but also to the presence of something else. In the OT, the Hebrew word is Shalom שׁלום. In the NT, the Greek word is Eirene εἰρήνη. The most basic meaning of Shalom is complete or whole. Shalom can also relate to a person’s well-being. In the book of Proverbs, to reconcile or to heal a broken relationship is to bring shalom. It doesn’t mean that people just stop fighting, but they start working together in harmony.  

So where do we find this kind of peace today that makes us complete, whole? Christmas Peace anticipates God’s plans, His promises, and His presence to restore wholeness to all that is broken in this world. 

Join the PBC family during the Advent Season as we experience peace with God, peace from God, and the peace of God because of a baby born in Bethlehem.

November 29 – Prince of Peace; Isaiah 9:6–7
December 6 – Peace on Earth; Luke 2:14 

December 13 – Peace with You; John 14:27
December 20 – Peace of Christ; Colossians 3:15
December 27 – Peace with God; Romans 5:1 

Peace isn’t the absence of conflict in our world, it’s the presence of Christ in our hearts.