What or who comes to mind when you think of a “SAINT”?
– The apostle Paul? Peter? Francis of Assisi, Mother Theresa, or Billy Graham?
– A wife who puts up with an insufferable husband?
– An employee who endures the rants of an unreasonable boss?
– A mediocre football team from New Orleans with an aging quarterback?
– Do you think of St. Patrick, the patron saint of spring parades and green beer?
– Or the most famous saint, St. Nicolas, better known in these parts as Santa Claus?

“Saint” seems to be the apostle Paul’s favorite name for Christians (39 times in Paul’s letters). The name, “saints” is also used prominently for faithful witnesses of Christ in the book of Revelation. So what, or more importantly, WHO, is a saint? If you have trusted Jesus, the Eternal Son of God, as your death substitute on the cross and believe that He rose from the dead – YOU are a SAINT. All believers in Christ are saints.

sermon by: Larry Murray
date: 07.21.2019