“Attitude reflects leadership, Captain.” A confrontation between teammates, Gary and Julius in Remember the Titans, led to an influential, shared leadership that impacted their team, their friends, their school, and, eventually, their entire community. Their character, example, friendship, and courage made all the difference.

In his letter to Titus, Paul emphasized how godly leadership was essential to churches sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. So he gave him an important assignment: Establish godly leadership for the church by appointing qualified leaders who love God and people (Titus 1:5).

  • If you are a leader of the church, are you living as an example, steward, shepherd, teacher and defender of God’s Word?
  • If you aspire to be a leader, is your love for God and people growing in influence, faithfulness, shepherding, and teaching?
  • If you are a member of the church, are you fulfilling your duty, responsibilities, opportunities, and ministries?

sermon by: Larry Murray
date: 10.06.2019