Over the last several months, we’ve become increasingly aware of the hurtful ways our culture, and at times even leaders in the church, have treated women. I’ve been grieved reading #metoo stories from personal friends, saddened by stories of abuse in our broader community, sickened by the criminal conviction of popular TV personality Bill Cosby, and troubled by the misconduct of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, Politicians (Donald Trump, Al Franken, etc.), TV newsmen (Matt Lauer, Tom Brokaw, Charlie Rose, etc.), and many others.

Last week, more than 2,500 Southern Baptist women signed a petition denouncing denomination leader and seminary president, Paige Patterson, because of inappropriate, gender-specific comments as well as his hurtful response to women in abusive marriages and relationships. The sheer number of women who have spoken out suggests a wider cultural change in the Christian community, as more and more women — including self-described conservatives — see comments and behaviors made as not just inappropriate but incompatible with God’s Word.

On this Mother’s Day, we’re standing up and speaking out for our girls, our young ladies, our women. As followers of Jesus, PlanoBibleChapel will be a public voice for victims and for justice. We won’t be silent in the face of all we’re learning.

Let’s examine the timeless truth of the Bible that God uses women of faith to influence our lives for good and impact His world with the Good News about Jesus.

sermon by: Larry Murray
date: 05.13.2018