Growing up at Reinhardt Bible Church in East Dallas, I benefited from the lives of gifted teachers, scholars, and leaders like Don Geiger, John Walvoord, Roy Zuck. There were also up and coming pastors like Steve Faubion and Chip Ingram. But it’s not just godly teachers and leaders who influence our lives – it’s good relationships with godly people that can impact us deeply as well. For me, one of those men was Jack Reaves an older man who lives like Christ. Strong faith. Sound doctrine. Solid reputation. Significant example. Sincere relationships. The Gospel shows its value and power not only in the example of godly leaders but also in the impact of good relationships.  

The Gospel has the power to transform societies and cultures, but it begins with the faithful lives and godly character of believers in Jesus lived out in various relationships. That’s why good works thru good relationships reveal the greatness of the Good News of Jesus Christ. Paul’s second assignment to young Titus was to teach solid doctrine and build healthy relationships (Titus 2:1-10).

sermon by: Larry Murray
date: 10.20.2019